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Appraisal Services: Really Fair Market Value

There are many reasons to have a car appraised. When you take your used car to a dealer they’ll make an offer for your car, but it is hard to know if their offer is the fair market value. This is especially true if you are buying a new car at the same dealership, since they can adjust the new car price to compensate for a high or low offer on your used vehicle. At Stressless Auto, we can tell you what your car is really worth on the open market.

This can be especially useful if you need to know the value of a classic, exotic or rare car. Cars that are thinly traded often have inaccurate published book values, so they require additional knowledge and research in the event you want to document their value for insurance purposes. If you plan to buy or sell a car that fits in these categories, you should have it appraised to make sure you pay or receive a fair price.

If you find yourself managing the estate of a loved one, you may need to sell his or her car. When you do sell the car, you’ll need to make sure you can justify the amount you receive for it. An appraisal from Stressless Auto will help you do that. If you’d like to make life even easier on yourself, check out our Seller’s Services page to see how we can help make your job even easier.