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Estate Services: Dealing with the Family Car

Stressless Auto is a family-owned and operated business. From experience, we understand that managing an estate is a challenging process and can be very stressful for even the most capable people.

Stressless Auto can help you handle the automotive aspect of settling an estate. We understand the red tape that the courts put in place. Selling a car is one of those things you may not have time or energy to do while you try to deal with everything else. We have the skills and patience to help you through this difficult process.

We offer a few services to help you:

If the estate or trust needs to sell a vehicle, we can help. We can appraise your car, so that when the executor sells it, he or she can better defend the price received. This can be helpful for any kind of car, but is especially helpful for cars that are rare or unusual. Such cars are said to be “thinly traded,” meaning that there are not very many similar cars for sale at any one time. For example antique cars, specialty or luxury cars, and cars with exceptionally low mileage require expertise to estimate a fair market value — simply looking up standard published values can be misleading.

We can further help by handling the sale of your car for you. We can generally get higher prices than a private seller can, and we can take the burden off your shoulders during this stressful time.

Sometimes, after a loved one passes, the remaining family members find that their automotive needs have changed. We can help you purchase a new or used car that corresponds to your lifestyle and desires.