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Buyer Services: Communicate and Delegate

If you feel overwhelmed by choices when buying a personal car or company fleet, if you dislike or do not have time to research prices and to negotiate from a strong position, Stressless Auto is the first choice you should make.

Stressless Auto represents YOU during negotiations and transactions with an auto dealer. Unlike a brokering service, we take no money from auto dealers, so there is never a conflict of interest. We offer a variety of services that are designed to help you decide what will best suit your needs, calculate the value of your current car, determine an excellent purchase price, and complete a purchase to your satisfaction.

When searching for a car, most people go from dealer to dealer and look at cars, but that can be a frustrating waste of time and energy, and many buyers do not look forward to dealing with car salesmen. When you use our services, we will interview you about the ways you use your car, what you like, and what you don’t like about cars you already own. We won’t pressure you to buy one car or another, since our only goal is to link you up with whatever car best suits your needs. We will use our extensive knowledge of automobiles to help you save time and come up with the perfect car!

Initially, we will narrow the vast selection of cars down to a few models that will fulfill your needs, and you can go test-drive those cars. If you don’t like hassling with the dealers and their high-pressure sales speeches, we can even bring the car to your home or office for a test-drive. If you do want to visit the dealership, but wish to minimize the discomfort of a high-pressure environment, we can accompany you at the dealer as a non-biased, knowledgeable resource and advocate.

Once you decide on a car, our experienced negotiators can reach an agreement on your behalf, either at a dealer of your choosing or among several of the local dealers to get you the best price possible. Once all the paperwork is processed and we have examined it, we bring you in to sign the papers and pick up your keys…and your new car!

It’s a smart move to use us for the purchase of a used car, too. If you prefer to buy a used car, we can generally locate and purchase that car for you at a price that will be hard to beat, even if it is at another local dealer. Employing our services allows you to buy the car without dealer fees or annoying negotiating. Ultimately, you are more likely to purchase a reliable car without unexpected complications… and for a better price.