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1955 Porsche 550 Spyder Replica - SOLD!!

Trim: 0
Mileage: 4001
VIN: 5581301VS
Stock #: 00412
Price: 38,990

1955 Porsche 550 Spyder Replica - SOLD!!

You are looking at an incredible 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder replica by Vintage Motorcars. It is a privately owned vehicle being sold on consignment at Stressless Auto on behalf of the owner. Consignment sales give you the best of both worlds: you get a well cared for, privately owned car with a known history as well as the ease and security of working with a very service focused, specialty dealer.  

The 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder is an iconic sports car by any standard.  With the rare originals selling well into the seven figure range, one could argue that a high-quality replica is even more fun than the real thing.  Its hard to enjoy driving a seven figure car in traffic, taking the risk with such a special piece of history, or simply keeping up with the insurance to do so.  A good replica lets you drive it, enjoy it, and have all the fun without nearly as much of the worry!

Vintage Motorcars is one of the companies that makes a high-quality replica that preserves the handling feel and power to weight ratio of the original, without totally breaking the bank.  They have been hand-building 550 Spyder replicas since 1995, with a focus on “quality, not quantity.”

This 550 Spyder replica is a shining example of their craftsmanship.  It was built for it’s original owner in 2000.  A father and son each ordered one.  This one has the fiberglass body, optional headrest, and upgraded water-cooled engine, which is helpful in the Texas heat.  It is equipped with front disc and rear drum brakes.    With only 4,001 miles on the odometer, this beautiful car has made it’s way to Texas and spent much of it’s life here.  It has clearly been lovingly cared for and it shows!  This car is titled in Texas as a 1955 Porsche 550.  It comes with the tonneau cover, roll bar, and a big smile! 

Please call/text 512-809-9066 or email with any questions you might have. This awesome car can be seen at Stressless Auto's INDOOR SHOWROOM, near the corner of I-35 and Braker Lane.  We show vehicles by appointment to ensure you are given the attention you deserve. We are a licensed dealer, but most of our business comes from consulting and consignment sales. The price above does not include TT&L. Stressless Auto does not charge a documentation or processing fee.