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Seller Services: Park and Ride

Once you buy a new car, you have a few different options around what you do with your old car. You can trade it in, but you might get thousands of dollars less than it is actually worth. You can sell it yourself, but that involves a lot of time and energy, as well as potentially dangerous meetings with strangers.

At Stressless Auto, we can sell your car on consignment. We will put your car on our lot and take care of all of the advertising, showing, and paperwork involved in the sale. In the end, you’ll end up receiving fair market value without all of the hassle of selling the car on your own!

If you wish to sell a specialty car, we have the resources to help you get the best possible price, without taking much of your time and energy. We specialize in selling luxury, exotic, and classic cars. People who collect such cars know to look at Stressless Auto for excellent vehicles. Our facilities allow us to keep your car indoors, out of the weather, and locked at night to keep it out of harm’s way. We will screen potential buyers before they are allowed to drive your car.